My Boyfriend Has Never Judgmental About My Work as a London Escort

For the past three years, I have been paid for sex. After graduating from college, I started working as an intern in London, where I barely survived on a minimum wage. Another intern colleague suggested that with my sexy teen body and look, I should check out a dating website where they make dating arrangements with wealthy clients. That’s how I joined the London escorts agency intending to earn some extra cash for my upkeep. The first few dates were tense, but I started getting comfortable with time as I have a high sex drive and attracted to mature men.

As an escort, I often make ten times more than my regular day job. The nature of the London escort agency means that clients come seeking for regular dating and straight-up escorting. This means that I rarely go straight to sex with these men. We will meet in a restaurant, have dinner, watch a movie, do karaoke, and talk about our lives before getting into sex. What really makes most of these men to go for escorts is to find someone to listen to them and fulfill their sexual fantasies. Most of the men I serviced were in committed relationships or married. They wanted to have a relaxing moment with a sexy milf who acts like they are the center of the world, even if it’s just for one hour.

While money kept me doing this, I was concerned about its effect on my emotional health. I wanted to quit the escorting job if I met someone I would love and commit to, but the more I earned, the harder it was to do that. I would often have sex with men being attracted to without asking for money, but when I am with them, the thoughts of ‘ I could be earning $500 right now’ would clip in. for the first two years as an escort, I didn’t get into any relationships. Yes, I was making a lot of money, but something was missing in my life, and I was worried that I could start forgetting what genuine intimacy feels like.

I met many single and even married clients who fell for me and wanted us to take the relationship to the next level. However, I had not really felt a connection with any of them until ii met my current boyfriend at a club. A tall, muscular, and tattooed guy, I would not resist his charm. To keep things straight, I was honest about my work as an escort from the start. My boyfriend has never been judgmental about my work. He understands I work as an escort to earn a living. Maybe, it’s also because he used to pay for escorts and understands that sex workers and the men who go for their services are not all despicable people.

Now that I found the man of my dreams, I decided quit taking jobs that required having outright sex with my clients and instead started working as a dominatrix in which the submissive male is denied sex as part of the allure. And although he encourages my escorting role as a dominatrix, he draws the line at engaging in sex with my clients. Perhaps, it’s thrilling for him to have a woman as sexual as I am and who is desired by many men.

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